Above anything else, Jerusalem restaurant prouds its people in the kitchen and waiting near the tables, who make all the difference!

Both our customers and our team members are what’s most important for us!

Our dedicated, service-oriented team works hard both back in the kitchen and around the tables in our dining hall…

We want you to feel our friendliness and courtesy, as well as the hard work that our cooks input to all the meals we serve!

Yacov Yafe


You most probably expect to hear that he loves quality food and enjoys having guests. Yes, this is absolutely true! Yacov and his great team welcome you in the Jerusalem restaurant. There you will be offered fresh and delicious kosher food, friendly service and cosy environment.

Gabriela Pavlova


She is the one who is always in contact with you – in live in the restaurant, via our web site, Facebook page or by phone. And she is your best advocate – always trying to make every aspect of the restaurant life in a way that suits you best. If you have a special occasion to celebrate, contact her and she will offer you a personalized offer.

Mehmet Fatih


Do you know that in Bulgarian chef also means “boss”? We are proud to present you the bosses of our backstage. Mehmet is the master of meat. Boriana is our vegetarian magician. Come and try their specialties.

Boriana Petrova


As a rotisseur sous chef, Michale cooks all our roasted and braised meats. He’s the person to get your steak done medium rare, well done or rare with blood…

Vasil Ivanov

Assistant chef

Young and dynamic, they cut and prepare all the ingredients, so that at the end your plate is arranged in a beautiful way. On special occasions they add to our interior – if you are lucky to visit us on such days, you will see food decoration at the bar or the tables.

Ivan Petrov

Assistant chef

Peter is the person, who’s responsible for all the dishes that are deep fried in oil or any other animal fat… So next time you order french fries, you’ll know whom to thank for it!

Robert Grishin


Our waiters speak Bulgarian, English and Hebrew. They will wait patiently for you to make your choice and will assist you with any information you may need in regards to our kosher menu. Discrete Robert or cheerful Tea – we assure you they both will do the best to make your stay a pleasant experience.

Tea Petrova


Gary works at Mizrahi longer, than anyone else. That kind of tenure’s length allows him to provide mindful advise to all the newcomers, including other waiters, whom he presides over…